Licence renewed, Timah back in production

The Timah whisky maker is back in activity after the public authority reestablished its permit as of late, putting the dubious adventure to an end.

Winepak Corporation chief Kenny Yeo affirmed that the permit had been given and creation had begun with another mark expected to be finished soon.

“The new stock with the new mark is relied upon to hit authorized outlets in half a month. We have run unavailable right now. We wish to thank the public authority, media and certain government officials who were with us during the discussion,” he told FMT.

The Timah name and Captain Tristram Speedy’s picture on the jug had been the subject of much contention since October.

Muslim gatherings, the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP), and a few government officials recently guaranteed the name was commensurate to offending Islam since it bore likenesses to the name of Prophet Muhammad’s little girl, Fatimah.

They likewise said the picture on the mark, of a hairy man wearing what resembled a skull cap, could “confound Muslims”.

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