PAS rep heckled after asking Penang to limit alcohol sales

A PAS assemblyman who sang acclaims about the controls on the offer of liquor forced by Kuala Lumpur and Kedah was harassed by backbenchers at the Penang get together today.

It started when Mohd Yusni Mat Piah (PN-Penaga) said Penang ought to copy what DBKL and Kedah were doing in restricting liquor deals.

He said it was a methodology taken by the PAS-drove Kelantan in 1990 and was generally welcomed by non-Muslims there.

Yusni said drink-driving fatalities were on the ascent and the limitation in liquor deals would be timely.He described occurrences where a city committee specialist and a nasi lemak vender were killed and their kids stranded due to tipsy drivers.

Yusni said Penang ought to likewise emulate Kedah’s example by restricting 4D outlets.

He expressed gratitude toward the Penang government for guaranteeing him in a composed answer that the quantity of 4D outlets will be decreased later on. He didn’t give further subtleties.

“A normal of 115 captures were made each year in Penang from 2015 to 2019 including intoxicated drivers. This is an exceptionally large number,” he said in discussing the 2022 state supply bill.

Showing up, Dr Afif Bahardin (PN-Seberang Jaya) said checks on liquor deals were suitable, expressing that many created nations had done as such.

He concurred that drink-driving mishaps were on the rise.Satees Muniandy (PH-Bagan Dalam) said while liquor utilization is haram (prohibited) in Islam, such a limitation ought not be reached out to non-Muslims.

“The important Islamic authorization organizations should make a move against Muslims who drink or put down wagers at 4D outlets.

“In nations like Bahrain, liquor is sold in the open. Yet, yet, they don’t force such severe standards which conflict with the freedoms of non-Muslims.

“We needn’t bother with PAS to be the country’s ethical police. Allowed the opportunity, PAS will return us to the Stone Age.

“This is an issue of principal freedoms, everything being equal. Assuming an individual needs to drink, it is his own decision.

“Why you are not uttering a word about those driving affected by drugs or ketum?” he asked, with backbenchers pounding their tables in arrangement.

Ong Ah Teong (PH-Batu Lanchang) advised Yusni to investigate more significant issues, for example, why PAS-drove Kedah is taking steps to redirect Sungai Muda to deny Penangites of water.

Yusni said that as a sincere Muslim and an individual from PAS, he would not falter in his ways, in spite of being enduring an onslaught.

“Better to close all gaming premises, since, similar to liquor, betting brings a larger number of issues than great,” he said.

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