Woman with rare ‘golden blood’ wants identity kept secret

A lady from Terengganu who has the most extraordinary blood classification on the planet, needs her personality maintained mystery following news that she is one of 43 individuals in the entire world, and the just one in Malaysia, with the exceptional blood classification.

The lady passed on her desire to a Terengganu blood donation center, her agent told FMT.

The lady turned into the focal point of public consideration after she was accounted for as having the very uncommon Rh-invalid (Rhesus invalid) blood classification.

The public’s longing to find out about the lady, be that as it may, was discouraged by the blood donation center at her solicitation.

“We can’t give data on the blood benefactor since she isn’t fit to be met and has requested her character to be kept mystery,” the Terengganu Kite blood donation center posted on its Facebook page.

As indicated by clinical entrances, the Rh-invalid blood classification which is otherwise called “brilliant blood”, is accounted for to represent an incredible danger to its host yet can save a great many individuals.

“Brilliant blood” is exceptional in that it tends to be acknowledged by anybody on account of its novel properties.

As per the Terengganu Kite blood donation center, the neighborhood lady started effectively giving blood in 2016.

“We recognized her blood classification from a blood bunch test, and her experimental outcomes were shipped off an abroad lab for affirmation,” the blood donation center clarified.

The lady’s blood was subsequently shipped off the National Blood Center to be frozen and put away in a nitrogen box at a temperature of – 80°C, for a very long time.

“Assuming that there are patients who need this kind of blood, it will be weakened for use,” the chairman said, without expounding any further.

The lady turned into a subject of interest after a photograph of her giving blood became a web sensation via web-based media.

As indicated by Medical News Today, the Rh-invalid blood classification is remarkable because of the shortfall of any Rh antigens (proteins) in the red platelets.

Until now, just nine individuals with this blood classification are dynamic benefactors all over the planet, including the neighborhood lady.

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