Wrong to conclude funds in Zahid’s foundation from illegal activities, says lawyer

The arraignment had blundered in inferring that the passage of gifts into the trustee record of Yayasan Akalbudi, an establishment claimed by previous home pastor Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, involved criminal operations, the High Court heard today.

Zahid’s lead counsel, Hisyam Teh Poh Teik, said cash transformer Omar Ali Abdullah didn’t submit any financial offenses in changing over cash adding up to RM5 million into a couple of checks prior to giving them over to the record of law office Messrs Lewis and Co.

Hisyam fought that the proof by Omar, the 81st arraignment witness, that the cash came from Yayasan Al Bukhary was never researched by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Obviously Omar didn’t submit any financial offenses under the financial laws. Throughout entries, the arraignment has made various confusions.

“There is no immediate proof on where the cash came from. Confusion should apply as there had been no examination,” he said in his accommodation in-answer toward the finish of the indictment’s argument against Zahid, who is dealing with 47 indictments of criminal break of trust (CBT), defilement and illegal tax avoidance including Yayasan Akalbudi reserves.

Hisyam additionally said the indictment’s activity, which depended on the arrangements of Section 4 (3) of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001, and its decision that there were illicit and unfair exercises in law, likewise had no premise.

Under the 27th tax evasion charge, Zahid, who is the Umno president, is claimed to have requested the cash transformer to change RM7,511,250.20 in real money into 35 examines to be stored as fixed stores for Yayasan Akalbudi in Maybank.

Hisyam said the arraignment likewise settled on the commitment by MyEG Services Sdn Bhd non-leader chief Mohd Jimmy Wong Abdullah, who was the 78th indictment witness, to the establishment.

Wong, in his declaration, said he gave more than RM9 million to Yayasan Akalbudi on his own volition for government assistance and strict purposes and it didn’t have anything to do with his organization, MyEG Services.

In such manner, Hisyam said, since the indictment neglected to show that the illegal tax avoidance process occurred as a component in the charge, there was no body of evidence against Zahid.

Twelve of Zahid’s 47 charges are for CBT, eight for defilement and 27 for illegal tax avoidance, including a huge number of ringgit having a place with Yayasan Akalbudi.

The consultation under the steady gaze of Judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah forges ahead Dec 6.

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